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Sutton Mountain can beat any hike in John Day Fossil Beds National Monument area


John Day Fossil Beds provides backup plan when river trip goes awry (photos)


Sheep Rock Unit in John Day Fossil Beds National Monument has 'secret' hike on other side of river


Painted Hills, seven great hikes around one of 7 Wonders of Oregon (photos)


Painted Hills Unit is rock star of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (photos)



               Bike Tours



Oregon Scenic Bikeways - 2019 Brochure

Painted Hills Scenic Bikeway (Travel Oregon)

Painted Hills Scenic Bikeway Map

Itinerary – Paleo Lands Bike Tour, from Eastern Oregon Visitor Assn.


Sutton Mt. Bike Loop, Discover a Desert Gem


Old West Scenic Bikeway


30 Bike Rides: John Day Fossil Beds Region, Enter Search Location: John Day Fossil Beds, All Types



                Road Tours



Road Trip: John Day Fossil Beds Country


Journey Through Time Scenic Byway (includes new Painted Hills loop)



                Road Conditions





Road Camera US 26 at Ochoco Summit:



             BLM Maps / BLM Resources


Sutton Mountain and Pat's Cabin Wildernesses

Spring Basic Wilderness

National Conservation Lands

Spring Basin Wilderness

Oregon Sutton Mountain Wilderness Study Area

John Day River Access Mainstream

Northfork Interim Map

Oregon Paleo Lands  
Institute Center

2024 Summer Hours

Thursday - Sunday 


*we will be closed

one hour for lunch

Want to Volunteer?

The Paleo Lands Center invites you, to meet the public and school groups at our educational hub of the John Day Basin. Volunteers can serve as Board Members, Advisors, Center helpers and docents and help share exciting natural history exhibits, brochures, and books with visitors and schools.
Please Contact the Center at

541-763-4480 or for details


Road and Weather Conditions


*Please call or email if you would like to schedule your school group for a visit during the week. Thank you!


Contact Information

333 West Fourth Street

Post Office Box 104

Fossil, OR 97830
Phone: (541) 763-4480




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