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Paleo Lands In The News

Prehistoric Beaver Fossil Discovered by Paleontologists in John Day Fossil Beds

The Oregonian, May 26, 2015


New Field Center in Fossil Shows Off Area's Riches 

The Oregonian, Sept. 20, 2009


Paleo Institute Dedicates New Field House and Dinosaur Exhibit Today 

The Oregonian, Sept. 12, 2009


Oregon Paleo Lands Field Center Opens in Fossil 

The Oregonian, Sept. 8, 2009


Grant's Getaways: Digging Into Oregon's Past 

KGW TV Travel Oregon Blog, Sept.4, 2009


Digging History in Fossil 

The Bend Bulletin, Aug. 28, 2009


Paleo Lands Field Center Greets Visitors in Fossil 

The Oregonian, Aug. 13, 2009


Resurrecting a Toothy Terror from Mitchell's Distant Past 

The Bend Bullentin, May 9, 2009


Counties Cast About for Niche Strategies 

The Oregonian, Apr. 26, 2009


Senator Ron Wyden Breaks Ground for OPLI Field Center 

Press Release, Aug. 3, 2008


Eastern Oregon Tow of Fossil Calls to Eco-Tourists 

The Oregonian, Aug. 1, 2008


Paleo Lands Field Center to Break Gound in Fossil 

The Oregonian, July 28, 2008


Oregon: The Best of America 

The Telegraph UK, Feb. 22, 2008


New Interactive Geology Map

A new interactive map of Oregon offers a peek at the state’s geology.

Announced today by the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, the map provides easy exploration of the state’s geology, as well as access to GIS data, reports, and map sources with a click. The map was made with the Oregon Geologic Data Compilation, which integrates the best available geologic mapping—a total of 342 maps. It was released in honor of Geologic Map Day, being celebrated tomorrow as part of Earth Science Week.

Explore the map:

Read the news release:


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Oregon Paleo Lands  
Institute Center

2024 Summer Hours

Thursday - Sunday 


*we will be closed

one hour for lunch

Want to Volunteer?

The Paleo Lands Center invites you, to meet the public and school groups at our educational hub of the John Day Basin. Volunteers can serve as Board Members, Advisors, Center helpers and docents and help share exciting natural history exhibits, brochures, and books with visitors and schools.
Please Contact the Center at

541-763-4480 or for details


Road and Weather Conditions


*Please call or email if you would like to schedule your school group for a visit during the week. Thank you!


Contact Information

333 West Fourth Street

Post Office Box 104

Fossil, OR 97830
Phone: (541) 763-4480




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